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Tarot Readings

Conjuring clarity and insight with a pack of cards.

I am a self-made cartomancer and divinatrix weaving stories and possibilities. For the moment, card readings are in full color PDF format via email, here are the details:

What I offer?

I offer a service intertwined with perspicacity and insight along with a good serving of poetry and words. My readings are always honest and from the heart. My intention is to impart meaning and depth with my card readings, and most importantly inspiration.

What you get?

An astute and truthful reading of the cards. With my reading options, I aim to provide truthful ways for you to see and visualize the possibilities, gain insight and be empowered. I aim to paint a visual world in which you can detach yourself from the question in order to captain your ship effectively through your options. Of utmost importance to me is inspiration, that the cards serve as a catalyzing force, the spark that ignites the fire. Please know that feedback is always welcome.

  • Interested in booking a reading? I’m here.
  • Want to read on the ins and outs of a tarot reading with me? Find it here.


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