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Mist and Aether

My purpose here is simple. I come here with all my interests and opinions, compiled into this little corner of the internet, to create an enticing brew. This place is a haven for me to share my various Tarot, magic, occult, esoteric wanderings with an occasional mention or tie-in with literary themes and topics. I seek to inspire, to share, and to fan the flame for the search. Herein, many roads converge, words and magic intersect with the art of cartomancy, and the subtler aspects of life(death) are explored.

Where tarot is concerned, I focus mainly on the Tarot de Marseille tradition and its variants.

Where literature is concerned, poetry is my cup of tea, although I enjoy seasoning my tea with philosophy, folklore and the occasional Shakespeare. Quite a heady mix…

As for magic, well, that road is being paved… All other mysterious incantations and symbols, from whichever tradition, I mention here are open to interpretation.

I hope you, dear reader, enjoy this space, for however long you decide to stay.

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